How it works

With the Hotellme gift card you can easily choose from more than 500,000 hotels worldwide, so you can choose from many countries, so that there is always something for everyone. From simple to luxurious hotels, from hotels in sunny destinations to hotels in nature or just relax in a wellness resort or how about sniffing culture in a trendy city.

The hotellme gift card gives you total flexibility in choosing a destination and desired travel date. You can easily do this online on our website where you can book at any time and throughout the year.

Pay attention

- With the Hotellme gift card you cannot book on the websites of the hotels themselves.
- You can only book on our website.
-The Hotellme gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.
- You do not need to activate the Hotellme gift card.
- The Hotellme gift card is activated and ready to use when you receive the card.
- The Hotellme gift card is valid for 2 years after receipt.